Dark Lab Records Ltd Announces Exciting New Partnership with Spotify and Spotify Publishing

This strategic collaboration will enable direct distribution and licensing of Dark Lab Records Ltd’s content, expanding its global reach and accessibility.

Richmond Shore Road, Foreston, Boston, Lincolnshire ,PE22 0LN, United Kingdom, 1st June 2024 In a groundbreaking development, Dark Lab Records Ltd has officially announced a partnership with Spotify and Spotify Publishing. This strategic collaboration will see Dark Lab Records Ltd directly distributing and licensing all its content through these leading platforms, significantly enhancing its reach and accessibility.

“We are thrilled to join forces with Spotify and Spotify Publishing,” said Lawrence Gomes, Director at Dark Lab Records Ltd. “This partnership marks a significant milestone for us, and we are eager to leverage Spotify’s extensive network and innovative capabilities to bring our content to a broader audience.”

This partnership promises to provide an enriched experience for both creators and listeners, ensuring seamless distribution and licensing. Stay tuned for more exciting updates as Dark Lab Records Ltd embarks on this new journey with Spotify and Spotify Publishing.

Dark Lab Records

Game-Changer in Independent Music

United Kingdom, 28th May 2024

Key Takeaways:

  • Dark Lab Records is a startup from Foston, Lincolnshire, disrupting the independent music industry.
  • Founded in 2019 by Richard Cruze, offering services for emerging artists and labels.
  • Stands out with its unique approach to music distribution, publishing, and copyright management.
  • Strategic alliances and resources help artists navigate the global music scene.

Is Lincolnshire home to the next influential figure in independent music? Dark Lab Records might be the answer. Founded in 2019 by Richard Cruze, this startup aims to revolutionize the independent music industry by providing global distribution, publishing, and copyright management.

Dark Lab Records has formed global alliances to enhance its reach, offering artists international marketing and promotional resources. This comprehensive support helps artists and labels extend their reach beyond local markets.

What sets Dark Lab Records apart is its global approach and full suite of services, making it easier for indie artists to navigate the complex music industry. Their commitment to independent music ensures that supported artists receive the recognition they deserve globally.

With a promising future, Dark Lab Records is poised to become a game-changer in the music industry. Stay updated by visiting their website or following them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.