Dharia emerges as a captivating artist, weaving her spellbinding voice and infectious melodies through the fabric of electronic and pop landscapes. Hailing from Romania, Dharia brings a unique blend of Eastern influences, soulful vocals, and contemporary production to the label’s avant-garde collection.

Dharia’s musical journey began as a fusion of her Eastern roots and a deep appreciation for diverse genres. Her distinctive sound, characterized by emotive vocals and a seamless integration of global rhythms, caught the attention of Dark Lab Records — an environment known for embracing diversity and pushing the boundaries of sonic exploration.

Within the dynamic confines of Dark Lab Records, Dharia’s creative expression blossoms. The label provides a canvas for her to infuse her tracks with a sense of mystery, drawing inspiration from her cultural heritage while seamlessly blending it with modern electronic and pop elements. Dharia’s collaborations within the Dark Lab family showcase a shared commitment to pushing the envelope of sonic innovation.

Dharia’s discography, featuring tracks like “Sugar & Brownies” and “August Diaries,” exemplifies her ability to create music that transcends borders and resonates with a global audience. Dark Lab Records recognizes the transformative power of her music, offering a platform where Dharia’s eclectic sound can flourish, leaving an indelible mark on the ever-evolving landscape of electronic and pop music.

Beyond the beats, Dharia is a storyteller, inviting listeners into a world where her voice becomes a conduit for emotion and cultural fusion. In the vibrant tapestry of Dark Lab Records, Dharia’s sonic journey unfolds—a testament to the limitless possibilities when creativity, cultural richness, and innovation converge in the boundless realm of electronic and pop music.