Digital Performance Collection

Dark Lab Records Publishing has a direct relationship with SoundExchange to collect digital performance royalties that your content may generate. If you are not currently collecting digital performance royalties, you are missing out on income generated by satellite radio, internet radio, and cable TV music channels.

Neighboring Rights

SoundExchange is Dark Lab Records Publishing’s partner for Neighboring Rights collection, with direct deals in 35 territories. The non-US collection by SoundExchange gathers revenues beyond Digital Performance royalties, including terrestrial radio airplay, public performance (theaters/retail), non-Sync TV, and others. If your content is getting play overseas, check with us to see if Neighboring Rights collection is right for you.


Publishing Administration Service

Are you a songwriter or composer without a publishing deal? Dark Lab Records Publishing is proud to offer publishing administration services through our partner,. We can optimize your royalty income by collecting performance and mechanical royalties via our direct relationships with publishing collectives worldwide.

Music Distribution

We are connected to over 100 Music Stores worldwide and offer daily stats for your streams and downloads. Fast, competitive distribution to the world’s top DSPs

Music video Distribution

Get started with our Music Video Distribution Service. We publish your Videos on; Vevo, Tidal, Apple Music & iTunes, Amazon Prime and Facebook PMV. 


Catalog Management

Easily manage all of your digital assets, copyrights and metadata in one place.

Rights Management

Simplify managing, licensing and tracking of digital IP rights across the global marketplace


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Easily integrate digital supply chain, analytics, royalties and payments into your application or platform. Create smart wallets, mint NFTs and deliver a seamless experience to your users.