Video Distribution

Video distribution to the most important video destinations.


Dark Lab Records Ltd is the easiest way to get music videos into Apple Music, TikTok Music, Vevo, and Tidal and many more stores


Deliver your music videos to platforms for free and receive 70% revenue



Dark  Lab Records Ltd officers free VEVO channel and Distribution 


Dark Lab Records Ltd proudly presents a complimentary VEVO channel and free distribution services! Amplify your music’s reach without breaking the bank. Unleash your creativity and dive into the world of Dark Lab Records Ltd, where we’re dedicated to supporting artists on their journey to success.




          Make your music more discoverable on video platforms.













Where will your video be shown with each partner?



VEVO – Includes VEVO branded YouTube channel and submission for featured artist slots.

TIDAL – All mobile and desktop devices.

APPLE  – Streaming on Apple Music and placed in the iTunes store for sale, under your artist catalog.

Boomplay – Music videos will be available on Boomplay’s Music App on Android and iOS.

VIMEO – Available to view under Dark Lab Records’s branded Vimeo Channel.

Plus – Our “Plus” promotional package gets your video placed on new unique platforms. An additional fee applies, curated content only.