Dabro emerges as a powerhouse duo, fusing their musical prowess to create a seismic impact in the world of bass and electronic music. Comprising the dynamic brothers, Denis and Alex, Dabro brings a relentless energy and innovative approach to the label’s avant-garde roster.

Hailing from Russia, Dabro’s musical journey is a testament to the power of brotherly collaboration and a shared passion for pushing the boundaries of bass-driven genres. Their distinctive sound, characterized by heavy basslines, intricate production, and a fearless embrace of experimentation, caught the attention of Dark Lab Records—an environment known for nurturing and amplifying bold sonic expressions.

Within the dynamic confines of Dark Lab Records, Dabro‘s creative synergy flourishes. The label provides a canvas for the duo to unleash their sonic experiments, resulting in tracks that redefine the boundaries of bass music. Dabro’s collaborations within the Dark Lab family exemplify a shared commitment to sonic exploration, creating a fusion of cutting-edge production and exhilarating energy.

Dabro’s discography, featuring tracks like “Do My Thing” and “Funky Groove,” showcases their ability to captivate audiences with infectious beats and genre-defying compositions. Dark Lab Records recognizes the transformative power of their music, offering a platform where Dabro’s sonic innovations can thrive, leaving an indelible mark on the ever-evolving landscape of bass and electronic music.

Beyond the beats, Dabro embodies a spirit of sonic rebellion, challenging conventions and inviting listeners to immerse themselves in a world where bass reigns supreme. In the vibrant tapestry of Dark Lab Records, Dabro’s sonic odyssey unfolds—a testament to the endless possibilities when creativity, innovation, and brotherhood converge in the boundless realm of electronic music.