Within the enigmatic universe of Dark Lab Records, a diverse constellation of musical luminaries has converged, each contributing a unique hue to the label’s sonic tapestry. Let’s unravel the stories of these eclectic artists:

  1. Hala Al Turk: Youthful Prodigy of Middle Eastern Pop Hala Al Turk, a prodigious talent in the realm of Middle Eastern pop, adds a youthful and vibrant energy to Dark Lab Records. Her infectious melodies and charismatic presence create a bridge between traditional influences and contemporary beats.
  2. Dabro: Bass Alchemists of Unrelenting Beats Dabro, a dynamic duo of bass alchemists, injects Dark Lab Records with an explosion of energy. Their relentless beats break sonic barriers, leaving an indelible mark on the label’s diverse soundscape.
  3. FILV: Architect of Tropical House Bliss FILV, the maestro of tropical house bliss, paints vivid sonic landscapes within Dark Lab Records. His melodies evoke sun-soaked vibes and transport listeners to exotic realms where rhythm and relaxation intertwine.
  4. Edmofo: Electro-Hip-Hop Trailblazer Edmofo, the trailblazer of electro-hip-hop, brings a fusion of genres to the label. His boundary-pushing compositions blend electronic elements with the raw essence of hip-hop, creating a dynamic and genre-defying sound.
  5. SKN: Urban Beatsmith with Global Flavor SKN, the urban beatsmith with a global flavor, adds a touch of international spice to Dark Lab Records. His production prowess spans diverse genres, creating a sonic palette that transcends borders and cultural boundaries.
  6. Rompasoo: Synthwave Virtuoso and Retrowave Maestro Rompasoo, the virtuoso of synthwave and maestro of retrowave, channels nostalgic vibes within Dark Lab Records. His compositions transport listeners to neon-drenched landscapes, blending the past and the future seamlessly.
  7. TRFN: Architect of Progressive House Journeys TRFN, the architect of progressive house journeys, contributes a melodic and uplifting spirit to Dark Lab Records. His compositions build sonic narratives that take the listener on a euphoric journey through evolving soundscapes.
  8. Polarrana: Experimental Sound Artisan Polarrana, the experimental sound artisan, introduces avant-garde elements to the label. Their sonic explorations push the boundaries of conventional music, inviting listeners into a realm of unconventional and thought-provoking soundscapes.
  9. Serhat Durmus: Architect of Ethereal Bass Landscapes Serhat Durmus, the sonic sorcerer, weaves ethereal bass landscapes within Dark Lab Records. His compositions resonate with cosmic energy, transporting listeners to realms where rhythm and emotion harmonize.
  10. Draganov: Eastern-European Rap Maverick Draganov, the Eastern-European rap maverick, brings a bold and unapologetic voice to Dark Lab Records. His lyricism and beats reflect the rich tapestry of his cultural influences, creating a fusion of tradition and modernity.
  11. Hamza: French-Moroccan Rap Phenom Hamza, the French-Moroccan rap phenom, adds a touch of international flair to Dark Lab Records. His verses and beats reflect the global influence of hip-hop, creating a sonic bridge between diverse cultural landscapes.
  12. Gradur: Trap Commander of French Rap Gradur, the trap commander of French rap, commands attention within Dark Lab Records. His gritty lyricism and pulsating beats carve a niche in the label’s repertoire, showcasing the raw power of French rap.
  13. Taiola: Afrobeat Alchemist Taiola, the Afrobeat alchemist, infuses Dark Lab Records with the infectious rhythms of the African diaspora. His compositions celebrate the vibrant and dance-inducing spirit of Afrobeat.
  14. Ghita: Indie-Pop Dreamweaver Ghita, the dreamweaver of indie-pop, adds a touch of ethereal beauty to Dark Lab Records. Her soulful vocals and introspective lyrics create a sonic realm where emotion and melody intertwine.
  15. Leil: Alternative Rock Enchantress Leil, the enchantress of alternative rock, brings a raw and rebellious spirit to Dark Lab Records. Her compositions challenge the norms of rock, fusing elements of grunge and indie for a captivating sonic experience.
  16. Mocci: Future Bass Visionary Mocci, the visionary of future bass, introduces cutting-edge electronic elements to Dark Lab Records. His beats push the boundaries of sonic innovation, creating a futuristic soundscape within the label.
  17. Skizo Beats: Afro-Trap Pioneer Skizo Beats, the pioneer of Afro-trap, adds a rhythmic and dynamic energy to Dark Lab Records. His beats blend the infectious rhythms of Afrobeat with the urban edge of trap, creating a genre-defying sound.
  18. ElGrandeToto: Moroccan Rap Prodigy ElGrandeToto, the Moroccan rap prodigy, showcases the lyrical prowess of North African hip-hop within Dark Lab Records. His verses reflect the vibrancy and diversity of the region’s rap scene.
  19. Caméléon: Diverse Genre Chameleon Caméléon, the genre chameleon, brings versatility to Dark Lab Records. His ability to seamlessly navigate diverse genres contributes to the label’s eclectic sonic landscape.
  20. Santa Fe: Latin Fusion Maestro Santa Fe, the Latin fusion maestro, infuses Dark Lab Records with the sizzling rhythms and passionate melodies of Latin music. His compositions celebrate the rich tapestry of Latin American sounds.
  21. Halla halla: Mystical Sound Weaver Halla halla, the mystical sound weaver, adds an enigmatic touch to Dark Lab Records. Their sonic creations transport listeners to otherworldly realms, where imagination and sound collide.
  22. Smallx: African Beatsmith Extraordinaire Smallx, the African beatsmith extraordinaire, contributes to the rhythmic richness of Dark Lab Records. His productions draw inspiration from the diverse sounds of the African continent, creating a vibrant and dynamic sonic landscape.
  23. Damso: Belgian Rap Maestro Damso, the Belgian rap maestro, brings his poetic lyricism and atmospheric beats to Dark Lab Records. His contributions reflect the introspective and emotive side of contemporary Belgian rap.
  24. Farid Bang: German Rap Luminary Farid Bang, the German rap luminary, adds a dose of Germanic influence to Dark Lab Records. His commanding presence and gritty verses showcase the strength of the German rap scene.
  25. Ayra Starr: Nigerian Afropop Sensation Ayra Starr, the Nigerian Afropop sensation, elevates the global soundscape of Dark Lab Records with her infectious melodies and Afro-fusion flair. Her contributions celebrate
  26. Lady Gaga: Queen of Theatrical Electro-Pop Lady Gaga, an icon known for her avant-garde fashion and fearless artistry, graces Dark Lab Records with her presence. The chameleon of pop, she injects a dose of theatricality into the label, merging cutting-edge electronic beats with unapologetic pop anthems that defy convention and challenge the status quo.
  27. Lana Del Rey: Dreamweaver of Haunting Melodies Lana Del Rey, the ethereal enchantress, casts her spell over Dark Lab Records with her hauntingly beautiful melodies. Her voice, like a siren’s call, lures listeners into a dreamscape where melancholy and nostalgia intertwine. Within the label’s walls, she continues to redefine the boundaries of alternative pop, creating a space for introspection and emotional exploration.
  28. Steve Aoki: Architect of Electro-House Euphoria Steve Aoki, the maestro of electro-house euphoria, brings his high-energy presence to Dark Lab Records. Renowned for his infectious beats and electrifying performances, Aoki’s sonic craftsmanship adds a pulse of excitement to the label’s repertoire, creating an atmosphere where the dance floor meets the avant-garde.
  29. Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike: Sonic Sovereigns of the Dance Realm Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, the Belgian brothers synonymous with EDM grandeur, emerged as a dynamic force united by a shared passion for electronic beats. Born Dimitri Thivaios and Michael Thivaios, the duo’s brotherhood extends beyond familial ties, converging in a musical synergy that has left an indelible mark on the global dance music scene.
  30. TheFatRat: Electro-Melodic Virtuoso TheFatRat, shrouded in musical mystery, emerges as an electro-melodic virtuoso within Dark Lab Records. With an air of anonymity, TheFatRat captivates audiences with a sonic signature that transcends conventional genres.
  31. Dxrk ダーク:  a mysterious and enigmatic artist, is known for pushing the boundaries of electronic music. With a signature blend of dark and atmospheric sounds, Dxrk ダーク creates an immersive experience that transports listeners to otherworldly realms. The artist’s work is a fusion of various electronic genres, leaving a lasting impact on the global music scene.
  32. Rauf & Faik: Hailing from Russia, Rauf & Faik are a dynamic duo that has taken the music industry by storm. Their soulful and emotive tracks showcase a unique fusion of pop and R&B, earning them a dedicated fan base. With heartfelt lyrics and catchy melodies, Rauf & Faik continue to captivate audiences around the world.
  33. Teya Dora: Teya Dora, a rising star in the music industry, brings a fresh and vibrant energy to the scene. Her versatile vocals and dynamic stage presence set her apart as a force to be reckoned with. Teya Dora’s music transcends genres, blending elements of pop, dance, and electronic, creating a sound that resonates with a diverse audience.
  34. Swing Lynn: Swing Lynn, the embodiment of retro charm and modern beats, brings a nostalgic yet contemporary vibe to the music scene. With a passion for swing and jazz influences, Swing Lynn infuses electronic elements to create a sound that is both timeless and cutting-edge. The result is a musical journey that bridges the gap between the past and the future.
  35. ALOK: ALOK, the Brazilian sensation, is a maestro in the world of electronic dance music. Renowned for his infectious beats and charismatic stage presence, ALOK has become a global icon. With chart-topping hits and collaborations with industry giants, he stands as a testament to the power of music to unite people across borders.
  36. Ricky Rich: Ricky Rich, a skilled producer and DJ, is a driving force in the world of electronic dance music. With a focus on high-energy beats and euphoric melodies, Ricky Rich’s music is designed to ignite dance floors worldwide. His dynamic performances and chart-topping releases have solidified his place as a leader in the EDM scene.
  37. R3HAB: R3HAB, a globally renowned DJ and producer, has become synonymous with electrifying performances and chart-topping hits. With a diverse range of influences, R3HAB’s music transcends genres, seamlessly blending elements of electronic, house, and pop. His innovative approach to production has earned him accolades and a massive following worldwide.
  38. Timmy Trumpet: the iconic Australian DJ and instrumentalist, is a master at fusing brass elements with electronic beats. Known for his electrifying performances and infectious energy, Timmy Trumpet has become a household name in the world of EDM. His trumpet-infused tracks and charismatic stage presence make him a standout artist on any lineup.
  39. Sub Zer0 Project:  is a powerhouse in the hardstyle scene, known for their intense and immersive productions. Hailing from the Netherlands, this duo has redefined the boundaries of hardstyle, infusing it with cinematic elements and atmospheric textures. Sub Zer0 Project’s music is a sonic journey that takes listeners on a thrilling ride through the harder realms of electronic dance music.